The 2019 Older Road User Conference is sponsored by IAM Roadsmart.

About IAM RoadSmart

At IAM RoadSmart we make better drivers and riders. As the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, formed in 1956, we’ve spent more than 60 years making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education.

Our qualified experts, our network of thousands of volunteers and our 200 local groups are our lifeblood. They champion our cause and help drive our vision – to be the best, most recognised provider of coaching and advice for all post-licence drivers and riders, and to help make our roads safer for all.

We can help you:
• Gain the expert skills and techniques on the road to take your love of driving or riding to the next level – and to make one of the most qualified drivers or riders on the road
• Focus on specific areas of your driving and riding to help boost your confidence behind the wheel and refresh your knowledge of the rules of the road
• Join our family of over 90,000 passionate and highly-skilled advanced drivers and riders in the UK
• Provide driver training solutions to businesses and employees.

Our support for older drivers:
• IAM RoadSmart is one of the leading providers of independent driving assessments for mature drivers
• Our Mature Driver Review offers an impartial, expert assessment of drivers’ capability levels
• During the 60 minute session, which is taken in the driver’s own car, confidential feedback and advice is given where needed, to help refresh drivers’ skill and knowledge
• It is the perfect way to renew confidence and provide reassurance to family and friends

Visit www.iamroadsmart.com/mdr.

For further details of IAM RoadSmart’s full range of services, including our policy position on older drivers and our research papers, please visit www.iamroadsmart.com.