Ian Shergold, Research Fellow, Centre for Transport and Society, University of the West of England

Ian Shergold has been working at the Centre for Transport and Society since 2007, and has been involved in a wide range of research projects over that time. These have primarily related to three key areas of interest: older people and transport, rural transport issues and technology and transport.

Often there has been an overlap and interaction between these themes. Recent work has included the Flourish project, which investigated the potential role of fully-autonomous vehicles for older people. Other areas of active research include studies into the use of driverless 'pods' in campus-style environments (including retirement complexes), and exploring new approaches to delivering demand-led transport services, which also has application for older people.

Presentation: What might the widespread adoption of fully-autonomous vehicles mean for older people’s mobility and their safety on the road?
This presentation will draw on results from the recently completed three-year long Flourish study. It will reflect on feedback from participants as to what mobility needs such vehicles might meet, and if people would be happy to use one (now and in later life).

It will also explore the impact that participants think they would have on safety, including implications from future traffic levels and impacts on streetscapes. The presentation will conclude with consideration of some policy challenges to be addressed in order to maximize the potential benefits that older people foresee these vehicles might bring.