Heli Ainjärv MA, Lecturer in Traffic Safety, Tallinn University Haapsalu College

Heli Ainjärv has a MA in Philology, a MA in Andragogy, a MA in Psychology and is currently studying for a PhD in educational sciences. Her areas of expertise are driving teacher (instructor) education, coaching, traffic psychology and rehabilitation programmes for traffic offenders.

Heli is lecturer of traffic safety at Tallinn University Haapsalu College and a psychologist specialising in rehabilitation programmes for traffic offenders. Her research field encompasses adults learning and traffic psychology and her research primarily focuses on understanding driver behaviour and educational/psychological aspects of this. She has also worked as a driving instructor.

Presentation: Safe driving and ageing
This presentation will give an overview of the challenges posed by an ageing society in Estonia, where safety campaigns and training have been introduced for older drivers. In order to ensure the safety of elderly drivers, and that of other road users, in different traffic situations - in 2013-14 the Estonian Government's Road Administration department initiated further training for senior drivers.

The program is aimed at raising elderly drivers' awareness of their strengths and weaknesses that are related to how they cope in traffic. Being aware of a system’s threats and vulnerabilities is a prerequisite for its safety, so it is generally accepted that safety and awareness are positively correlated (Chatzimichailidou, Dokas, 2015).