Edward Trewhella, CEO, Driving Mobility

Edward Trewhella is Chief Executive of Driving Mobility, a network of 16 independent organisations covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which offer professional, high quality information, advice and assessment to people who need to gain or retain independence through mobility.

Prior to joining Driving Mobility he spent three years as CEO of Cornwall Mobility, one of the largest, most dynamic mobility centres in the UK. Prior to that he worked in several specialist engineering companies and universities with an overriding interest in novel technologies and their introduction for public benefit.

He has also served as Board member and Chair of other charities in the sector, most recently Cornwall Rural Community Charity which has particular interest in transport options for rural communities, particularly for those with a mobility challenge, and older people.

Presentation: Medical fitness to drive assessments as a means of establishing and addressing the needs of older drivers
This presentation will describe Driving Mobility’s approach – in partnership with the DfT, DVLA and the DVA(NI) – to conducting fitness-to-drive assessments for older road users. A crucial part of this process is to establish the needs of older drivers, in order to ensure that these needs are met.

The presentation will explain how, in situations where continuing to drive is the preferred option, Driving Mobility works with a range of stakeholders including IAM RoadSmart, local authority road safety teams and the police to provide support for confidence building and road safety.

In cases where driving is no longer an option, the presentation will outline Driving Mobility’s work with (among others) GPs, memory clinics and local transport advisory services (Hubs) to ensure that all options are explored to enable continuing independence.

The presentation will conclude by showing how feedback generated from both pathways is used to inform initiatives such as the AAP (Accessibility Action Plan) and transportation Hubs – and provides input to road and infrastructure design and assistive technology for older drivers.