Dan Campsall, Marketing & Communications Director, Agilysis

Joining the Road Safety sector in the early 2000’s, Dan has played key leadership roles in programmes with national significance including multi-award-winning projects such as MASTonline, CrashMap.co.uk and DriveStart. He specialises in insight driven social marketing and pressing for greater integration of behaviour change approaches for road safety.  As well as working with UK clients such as DfT and Highways England, Dan has been used to deliver training and presentations across the UK and in nations such as Estonia, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Korea.

In addition to his role as company chairman of Agilysis, Dan is also a director of Road Safety Analysis, a trustee of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) and on the judging panel for the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards.

Older Road User Safe Mobility Knowledge Programme
The DfT has awarded a grant to the road safety charity, RoadSafe, to develop a knowledge transfer programme to take forward the work of the Older Drivers Task Force by widening its scope to address the risks to older road users, concentrating on the most vulnerable.

Initially working with the Road Safety Foundation, Road Safety Analysis, RAC Foundation and IHE this programme will also draw on international expertise to identify and promote initiatives including planning and infrastructure design as well as social programmes which aim to provide safe mobility for older citizens. At the heart of the programme will be a policy mapping exercise examining the current policy landscape with a view to clarifying the challenges, opportunities, barriers and research gaps to delivering fair, accessible and safe mobility in later life.

The programme will conclude the current phase of funding with the launch of a report and web-based innovation hub for older vulnerable road users in the spring of 2020.