Yvette Bateman, Chief Executive Officer, East Anglian DriveAbility & Vice-Chair, Driving Mobility

Yvette Bateman has been a qualified occupational therapist for nearly 30 years and has worked in many fields including care of the elderly, stroke rehabilitation and neuro-rehabilitation.

In 2006 she joined East Anglian DriveAbility undertaking driving assessments. She is now CEO of the company and remains committed to improving the client experience of their services and ensuring that they are always challenging what they do to ensure best practice. As part of this she sits on the Board of Directors for Driving Mobility.

She enjoys educating others about Driving Mobility services and has a keen interest in road safety and how medical conditions and the general aging process impacts on driving.

Presentation: Fitness to drive & preparing for life after driving – Regional Transportation Hubs
This presentation will focus on retirement from driving following a fitness-to-drive assessment, or other intervention. This transition can represent a very significant change in lifestyle and if mishandled can result in feelings of inadequacy and a lack of belonging.  

Driving Mobility launched a pilot project right across the UK on this topic in April and at this conference will report preliminary results, outcomes and progress.

The project is funded by the UK Department for Transport and is a component part of their Inclusive Transport Strategy (ITS). The project itself constitutes the establishment of a series of Regional Transportation Hubs across the country which are focusing on transportation without driving.