Stuart Millward, CEO Satsafe

Stuart Millward is the founding director of an award-winning InsurTech Company developing innovative, GPS-enabled safety, security and business management solutions for insurers and fleet managers. Stuart spent 12 years working in a technical corps of the British Army and left as a captain in The Parachute Regiment.

Satsafe has recently completed a 12 month incubation programme with The European Space Agency during which time the company developed a telematics application based on increasingly popular dash-cam technology.

Presentation: A new driver monitoring system: an older driver research project
This presentation will outline a research project in which older drivers are helping to test a new driver monitoring system that can detect changes in an individual’s driving pattern that could indicate, for example, deterioration in eyesight or reaction times.

The technology company behind the project, Satsafe, originally planned to carry out the research with 500 drivers over the age of 65 years in north west England, but following a tremendous initial response the project has been extended to cover the whole of the UK.

Combining black box technology and dash cameras with data analytics, Satsafe’s ‘Telematicam’ system is designed to provide safety and security benefits to older drivers and their families.

Tiny ultra-sensitive sensors built in to the system form an accurate picture of how safely a car is being driven, gathering information on acceleration, braking and cornering forces as well harsh braking events at junctions which can be an early indicator of failing eyesight.

The research project has received support from across the road safety community including Road Safety GB, RoSPA, IAM RoadSmart, Highways England and many local authorities.