June Howlett, Road Safety Officer, Transport for Bucks, Buckinghamshire County Council

June joined Buckinghamshire in 2002 and is responsible for the delivery of road safety education, training and publicity across the county.

She qualified as a DVSA approved driving instructor (ADI) in 1995 and also holds a fleet licence, and recently qualified as an Energy Savings Trust (EST) ecodriving trainer.

June is primarily involved with the development, delivery and evaluation of driver training workshops and assessments which includes young drivers, business drivers, motorcyclists and Buckinghamshire’s Mature Driver Assessments.

Presentation: Buckinghamshire’s Mature Driver Assessments
June’s presentation will outline how this mature driver scheme was developed, and the scheme’s overarching aim which is to support drivers to continue driving safely for longer.

The presentation will look at what is involved in the assessment of drivers and how reassessments are one of the scheme’s strengths for continually monitoring and supporting drivers as they age.

June will also talk about how she recruits and trains the assessors who deliver the assessments countywide.

Much of June’s work with local driving instructors focuses on sharing best practice through regular workshops which are invaluable in helping support ADIs to deliver consistent assessments on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council.

The scheme has recently been evaluated and June will give an overview of the findings and how they will help shape and develop the scheme going forward.