Dr Julie Gandolfi CPsychol. AFBPsS BA (Hons.)  MSc  PhD  PGCPSE, Driving Research Ltd

Julie is a Chartered Psychologist, with undergraduate and Masters degrees in psychology.  Her PhD from Cranfield University focused on psychometric assessment of police driver risk.

In 2007 Julie founded Driving Research Ltd., specialising in consultancy incorporating psychological theory and research into the development and evaluation of road safety initiatives and attitudinal and behavioural driver assessment and training.

She has also been involved in a variety of research projects with Cranfield University since 2004, and lectured on postgraduate degree courses including the MSc in Driver Behaviour and Education and the MSc in Automotive Systems Engineering.

Presentation: Maximising compatibility between the older driver and the traffic environment
This presentation will look at some key research in optimal engineering for older drivers, before looking at ways of adequately supporting older drivers in dealing with the demands of the traffic environment – on the basis that we can’t engineer-out the complexity and cognitive demand of driving, which are key issues for older motorists.